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Bulk Barley Grass Powder Organic - 1lb

Bulk Barley Grass Powder Organic - 1lb

  • ₦7,50000

 Botanical Name: Hordeum vulgare

Barley Grass is a cereal grass that is very highly regarded amongst users of bulk organic herbs. It is widely considered to be one of the best quality bulk herbs for many complaints.

Common Uses:

Used to help stomach, duodenal, and colon disorders, may reduce the risk of cancer, lowers blood cholesterol levels, anti-inflammatory properties. Used as a food and in the brewing process, human and animal cereal foods, a flavorful flour used in baking breads and muffins.

- High in chlorophyll‚ antioxidants minerals‚ Vitamins and enzymes.
- Vegetarian‚ vegan and caffeine-free.
- No fat and low carbohydrates.
- 100% absorbable by your body.
- Blends easily in liquids.