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Trader Joe's Organic Chia Seeds -12 oz / 340g

Trader Joe's Organic Chia Seeds -12 oz / 340g

  • ₦4,50000

Nutritional value
  • Trader Joe's Organic  Chia Seeds.
  • 8g of Fiber per Serving.
  • 4g Omega-3 ALA per Serving.
  • 4g Protein per Serving.
  • 12oz / 340g


  • Chia Seeds delivers a massive amount of nutrients with very few calories.
  • They are loaded with antioxidants.
  • Almost all the carbs present in Chia Seeds are fiber.
  • They are high in quality protein.
  • Due to high fiber and protein content, Chia Seeds should be able to help lose weight.
  • Reduced risks of many adverse health conditions such as obesity, diabetes, heart Diseases and overall mortality.
  • Prevents constipation because of its high fiber content.
  • Chia Seeds can improve exercise performance as much as sport drinks.
  • They can cause major improvements in type 2 diabetes.
  • They are high in many important bone nutrients.

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